Alma B Occasions

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What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept credit, debit, and cash. You may make your deposits and payments through our website.

What if there is severe weather or an illness?

In case of severe weather or illness, Alma B Occasions reserves the right to reschedule your party. If the guest of honor becomes ill, we will gladly work with you to reschedule your party based on availability. An additional deposit fee is not necessary to reschedule due to severe weather or illness. Please realize that additional charges for perishable items and resending invitations may be necessary.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel my party date?

If the party needs to be rescheduled, we will work with you in finding another date within 90 days that is satisfactory with no additional deposit fee. You will be responsible for paying for any items bought for the party that are perishable and for resending invitations. If you decide to cancel the party for any reason, your deposit is non-refundable and treated as a cancellation fee.

What if a party guest has allergies?

It is your responsibility to check with party guests for any food allergies and inform us of any concerns. We will gladly work with you to accommodate the guests, but if we are unable to accommodate, we suggest you or the parent provide alternate refreshment(s) for the child.

What about guests who are late?

Please make sure your guests realize how important it is to arrive promptly. We have a lot of fun packed into the party time and wouldn't want anyone to miss anything. We are unable to wait for guests who arrive late. Any late-arriving guest may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to upon their arrival.